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Thank you SO, SO much! Giving me money is absolutely unnecessary, but every little bit counts towards helping me make my work as good and frequent as possible. For that, I am extremely grateful and I hope I can pay back by making good content!

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Thank you for taking an extra step to support me! I will add your name at the end of my videos to show watchers that you are indeed the realest homie.

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I can't fathom anyone wanting to choose this tier. But I like money, so...

I guess I'll live-stream me painting a picture of whatever you want (within good taste). And then I'll mail you the original with a personalized message.

About Lyzette G

Hi, I'm Lyzette! I am a huge pop culture fanatic. Specifically, I am obsessed with pop music, though I'm also a huge cinephile at heart.

I am currently making videos on YouTube - everything from top ten lists of a certain year, to song and movie reviews... and who knows what else!

I really enjoy making these videos, and having more of a means to make them better is super great. That's where Patreon comes in. Donating to me is totally not necessary, but if you're reading this and even considering doing so - thank you so much! 

If you want to know more, check out some vids I have made thus far:

HUGE thanks to you (yes, you!) for all your love and support!
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I'll fix things up around my work area - cooler lighting, better camera/lens, a big wall clock with Bob Dylan's face on it. Y'know, basics!
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