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If anyone could afford to give this much, it would purely be out one's regard for my work, because at this point I don't I would be able to offer rewards equivalent to the amount and do justice.




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Introduction :

Hey! It me Masroor Baig from a humble, small town at the foothills of Himalayas called Lakhimpur Kheri. Before I begin elaborating on why I am here and what I intent to pursue, let me begin with my story on how I stumbled into making YouTube videos.

My Story :

It all began with an assignment during my 2nd semester of college for a boring subject called "Human Resource Management", in this assignment we students were asked to make a PPT presentation on any company's HR policies and procedures, which should first include a brief introduction about the company itself. Since it were my initial days of my college life I had to give a good impression to my fellow classmates about myself, so I decided to make my introductory part mind-blowing and innovative. Also during the same time I had listened to this inspirational music by Hans Zimmer "Lost but won" which gave me goosebumps and decided to use that track in my presentation to give a great impression, but playing it during my presentation was a stupid and too obvious. So it struck my mind that "Why don't I make a video on history of some company and use this track as background?", but then I had no skill in making videos. For that reason I spent over a month learning a professional video editing software called "Sony Vegas Pro 11" by watching YouTube videos and took another massive 3 months to produce that video (something I would take now less than a week). After it was all finally done, doomsday arrived. It was announced that previously said assignment is replaced with another one, which meant all my efforts went down in drain. I was sad and disappointed to not being able to put the show I have been working on for months. With my video complete and ready lieing on my desktop, it became source of frustration for me evry time I switched on my laptop. So one day it struck me "Why don't I put it in video-posting website- YouTube?" Instead of lieing around and not being of any help, people other than my classmates could watch it. And I did, and I did in highly sluggish manner, which I didn't realise at that point was the birth of a new career in my life. Soon I noticed a less but gradual increase in my views, which made me overwhelmed and overly excited and interested in it. Since then I have made many more videos and here I am :)

Why I am here?

Well' its apprent and obvious why anyone would open a Pateron account except to get some extra bucks. Mind you, this money is not gonna go on drinks or leisure, but instead to make high quality content just for you!

For what your money be used for ?

As I mentioned before it's all gonna go into purchases for better hardware and software to produce better quality content. Here's what I plan to do with it :
1) Purchase Samson Meteor Microphone for better audio quality. (Now I use my phone to record)
2) Purchase Nikon D3300 for High quality video. (Now I dont have any camera)
3) Utilise it towards my education.
$0 of $50 per month
At this rate I would stick to making 3 videos a month for following playlists :

1) Top Android Games
2) Funny Gaming moments (Pilot)
3) Tech Solution 

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