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About Mark Baker #2A Warrior

We need to fire up Americans to stand up for the Second Amendment against a rising anti-gun tide which is sweeping across the nation.

We can start by supporting politicians on a local, state, and national level who support the rights of law-abiding Americans to be able to defend themselves through the use of firearms.

When confronting the issue of gun violence, elected officials need to understand the complexity surrounding this issue and not simply resort to politically convenient “quick fixes” or “shortsighted policies.”

Broad gun control policies that result in disarming law-abiding citizens will never prevent criminals from obtaining firearms or harming innocent people.

The solutions to gun violence should be focused on a societal level and must deal with problems that include a mental health crisis, gratuitous violence in the media, lack of economic opportunities, and a loss of respect for human life.

An armed citizenry is a check against tyranny.

There are financial and structural limitations on the ability of the government to effectively defend its citizens.

Historically, gun ownership was one of the first rights taken away from freed slaves during the Reconstruction Era. 

Firearm ownership is a fundamental right which is enumerated in the Constitution.

From the anti-gun protests across the nation held in 2018, we cannot underestimate anti-gunners or the lengths that they will go through to undermine our Second Amendment Rights.

As a law-abiding and peaceful citizen, I’m frankly sick and tired of the rights of my fellow patriots being up for debate after acts of violence are committed by those who lack respect for humanity or the rule of law.

Join me in my fight to educate and rally people around defending the Second Amendment, so that future generations can live in a nation where they will have the “right to keep and bear arms” like their forefathers.

If you have any questions, I can be reached at: [email protected]

Mark Baker is a 2019 graduate of West Virginia University College of Law, a 2012 graduate of New York University, and is researching the political history and current events surrounding the Second Amendment & other hot button political topics.

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