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Nacho Cheesers can't help but want more. 

Cheaper than your monthly Nacho snack from the seedy Gas Station, Cheesers will have access to an extra-special monthly pod, posted for their ears only. 

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Can't just listen to The Mac and Cheese Show? Need to shout your love for Steady MacFly from every rooftop. Well now you can!

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About The Mac and Cheese Show

Welcome to The Mac and Cheese show (podcast) Patreons!

For 5 years your hosts Andy Mac and Steady (Cheese) Macfly have been ranting, arguing, debating and in their very round-a-bout way, presenting listeners with the weirdest stories they can find. AND THERE'S PLENTY OUT THERE!

From genuine labia neck-ware and naked men in chimneys; to sex robots set to kill, testicles implanted directly into your neck and many more farcical facts it is one crazy planet out there. 

The Mac and Cheese show Presents these brain burgeoning stories in its two mainstay segments:
- Steady MacFly's - Weird News
- Andy Mac's - Science News. 

These are backed up with other fan favourite asides like:
- The Pre-Ramble (because our lives are weird too)
- You're Making it up Andy Mac (everyone's favourite quiz)
- Way to Go (weirdest deaths of the week)

along with visits from:
- Steady Learns English
- The Correction Police
and more

Where we are.
Since our very first podcast was released on an obscure RSS, we have grown from a laid-back, once-in-a-while show, into a bi-weekly (sometimes monthly) mainstay for loyal listeners all over the world.

Where we are going.  
Due to the steady increase in fans and episodes Mac and Cheese are working even harder to ensure more pods get out to listeners and this is where our Patreons come in. With your support we can increase our storage plans meaning more episodes stay live longer. We are also looking to engage additional help with editing and production which will increase the quality of the show, and the rate at which new episodes can be released. With enough support we hope to be able to achieve weekly podcasts, and even future ventures into Vlogs and more. 

Top 10 Patreons
Our top 10 Patreons will receive special mentions at the end of each show as well as other rewards to come.  
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As much as we love making the Mac and Cheese Show, it must be uploaded and hosted somewhere before it can be made available on Itunes, Android and wherever else you get your favourite pods. 

This means money. 

As some die hard listeners will have no doubt noticed, over the last few months The Mac and Cheese Show has been forced to delete older episodes from its library as it uploads new ones. This is due to the prohibitive cost of increasing storage fees. 

With 30+ Patrons, Mac and Cheese will be able to meet these rising expenses and restore these old episodes, as well as upload future episodes without the need to cull older material. 
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