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P.S.For the first two months, if you become my patron, I will become yours, regardless of reward tier (usually tier 2 and up!).


Hi, my name is Mace; I am an artist that loves to create epic and imaginative renditions.
Some of you will know me from my time on deviantArt, my proverbial birthplace.
Ever since my humble beginnings with pencil and paper, I've pushed myself to create better and better artwork.

So, why should you become my patrons?

I intend to continue creating epic art for you as I've always done, however, as patrons, have the power to help me help you.
I want to promote my supporters on their journeys as well as keep on creating awesome art :)
I will not have your generosity go unrewarded, my patrons, my friends.

Learn more about the rewards you will get for becoming my patron below:
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Every dollar counts, your contribution will not be in vain.
  • Early sneak peeks of works in progress.
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That's double what everyone else is giving me; guess I'll return the favour!
  • You get me as one of your patrons for the duration of your pledge :D
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  • All Lower Tier Rewards
  • Ability to submit 1 idea for content per month (chosen at random).
$0 of $400 per month
I will be able to pay for my rent! Woohoo!!
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