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SPECIALTY: Online Business / Reselling / Professional Services / Investing

EXPERIENCE: Music / Streetwear / Fitness / & More

SKILL SETS: Branding, Websites, Email Marketing, Personal Relationships, Gathering Resources, Business Ethics, Professionalism, & More.

OBJECTIVE: Through becoming a patron of mine, I will be pouring out all the info, techniques, lessons, and skill sets that has helped me to become a full-time entrepreneur in doing the things I can see myself passionate about while helping others do the same.

All funds granted will be used to help maintain any programs I create, the companies I am affiliated with and take part in, and will allow me to help more people that may not be financially fit to purchase my products or hire my services, but show promise.

As a result of my content and your own efforts in self-developments, you too can live a life of self-fulfillment through your passions, make money online, be your own boss, and have more time of freedom to be with your loved ones and/or help others in return.

Since 2009, I've set out to follow my passion which was music at the time. I've learned as much as I could as a talent, but lacked the people skills and business ethics to really carry out further.

I played the role of everything you can think of, trying to find my place in the game: Being a Songwriter / Rapper, Engineer / Producer, Talent Manager, etc. But it lead me to a place where I just didn't seem to be getting any further and/or was constantly starving and broke, making it a very depressing pursuit.

5 Years into music, lead me to barely cracking into the Industry Studio spaces. But I pulled away around 2014, because at the end of it all.. I still wasn't getting the break I felt I deserved or needed, and was hurting from being broke and going through some personal matters at the time.

I remember having only one meal a day between going to music school and interning in Los Angeles, with moments of being a scavenger of leftovers just to taste how it feels to eat like the talents I was being exposed to.

2015 was a turning point for me as I left the music scene and spent a full year of figuring out the online business world better alongside the fundamentals of business in general.

Near that time, a brother of mine was jumpstarting a fitness / obstacle course training company - Hardkour Performance - that I would then partake in its launch and still help with its online management 'til this day.

About a year later from that, I branched out to create my own company, Kicks 'N' Steez, that would serve the Streetwear / Reselling community. This company helped put money in my pocket while still being able to help Hardkour Performance and others as I took multiple side gigs as open time allowed me to.

• @hardkourperformance
• @_mycameraeatsfirst
• @kicksnsteez
& much more!

Side projects are constantly being done whenever I have the time and/or demand in clientele as I continue on with my main pursuits. I'm running with the mission of "No Dreams Left Behind," so come reachout, let's break the ice, fill me in with your ideas and passions of pursuits, and I will do the best that I can to see it through fully with the network team I'm constantly building around me.
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When we reach 10 Patrons, I will take 1 Patron to use as a Case Study and help them startup or level up their business in some way.

Using Free Resources. Patron covers all costs on any paid services they wish to upgrade to.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts

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