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About Macky Novera

Hi, I'm Macky Novera

I'm a musician, computer programmer, graphic designer, and an explorer of thoughts and everything.

I loved doing things that are sometimes called out of the ordinary, because things that aren't normal in everyday life, like researching things that seem beyond our scope of reality like for example UFOs, time travel, giants or what not.

You may seem surprised if you see in this page, gives you the idea that I'm a musician. Yes, I am a musician, but I love doing other things too and I like to share to you what I've been discovering and creating along the way.

Do enjoy the page and I hope you can find here, what you are trying to find.


Macky Novera
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This will give me full time to create more great content for you guys :) I do promise that I give it all my best to make it great.
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