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is creating guitar lessons,original music and guitar theory lessons
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all sorts of guitar lessons from all sorts of genres guys any requests are more than welcome



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hows things folks i hope your all doing name is chris mcevoy and i am a guitar teacher and songwriter.i have been creating guitar lessons for the past 2 years and have created over 140 guitar lessons,original songs and covers aswell.i am very passionate about teaching people to play there favourite songs in the easiest and most fun and practical way that i can.i am trying to create as much content as i can at the moment but i could really use some better equipment,instruments and also better space to create the best quality content i can.i would really appreciate any help that is given guys and we can grow this channel together.thanks guys.
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when i reach 500 patrons i will organize a get together with any of you who could possibly make it to a neutral location where we will all meet and play together and get to know one another on a more personal level.anyone with original music of their own or a cool song they just learned can showcase their work in a comfortable setting surrounded by fellow musicians and learners of all stages which we all are..learners no matter how long we,ve been playing.we will all play together and give anyone that wants to play any song from any genre at any playing level a chance to show who they are and be appreciated as friends.thanks guys i look forward to knowing you in the future.
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