Franca Franchi

is creating Original Watercolor and Acrylic Paintings
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By becoming my Art friend you'll be helping me in conquer this importantish goal and you will receive:

★ A monthly Digital Sketch of the subject of the month especially signed and dedicated to you! This sketch will be sent in High-Res so you can actually print it and use it as a home decor or give it away as a beautiful gift.

Note: Please in the shipping field send your email so I can send your personalized digital Sketch.

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 "Panita" in Venezuela is the word we use to name our "Cool Friends", if you become my Panita Patreon then you're also a really cool friend of my art and you will receive:

★ An Original Portrait Drawing in A5 size (14.5X21cms) with its Certificate of Authenticity!

 ★ Montly Mention of your name as my Panita in Patreon on my IG account when posting new paintings related to this Patreon account purposes!

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 "Pana" in Venezuela is the way we use to name our "Coolest Friends", if you become my Super Pana in Patreon then you're 100% a Coolest friend of my art! and you will receive!:


★ An Original Portrait Drawing in A4 size (21X29.7cms) with its Certificate of Authenticity!

 ★ Montly Mention of your name as my Pana in Patreon on my IG account when posting new paintings related to this Patreon account purposes!




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About Franca Franchi

Who am I?

Hello, I am Franca Franchi I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and I am based in Europe.
I am a mother, an artist, a dreamer, a believer, and a wild woman.

I’ve been devoted to arts since I was a child, I remember myself painting for hours, at the age of 5 my first camera was a Polaroid and was a gift from my father (who loves photography too), I still remember the amazing feeling I got from seeing the magic that the camera used to do …

As an artist I love to explore different subjects and emotions, life matters are my main inspiration, and love is my religion. I have had solo shows in Caracas showing my artwork as an artistic and conceptual photographer, and my work has been reviewed inside and outside my country by the press online and printed versions. Now I'm pursuing to be also recognized in the fine arts world.

My background:

I've studied Graphic Design as a career and I worked for several years doing it, also working in the audiovisuals field as an editor and animating motion graphics till one day I remembered that since I was a child I always wanted to be a photographer and/or a painter.

In 2006 at the age of 31 y.o. I decided to buy my first professional camera, and since that day I never stopped till I made one of those dreams come true!

Now I am a professional dedicated to creating images in different ways, starting from artistic photography, creating videos and visuals in general.

Once this dream was conquered I decided that was time to make another one happen, become a real painter and I've been painting again since 2013. Now after 6 years I feel I found again my path, I found my own language through graphite, watercolor, and acrylics, and I'm sharing and offering my paintings to the world. My goal is to become a full-time painter for the rest of my days but even so...

My Goal in #Patreon:

I want to keep learning and improving my techniques and art language and I've decided to start attending art workshops given by my favorite artists and points of reference during 2019 to be able to improve my art skills, and here is where I want you to be my Patron!

Soooo... My main goal in Patreon is to be able to collect the funds that will allow me to attend these wonderful workshops covering all the expenses! 

Why do I need Patrons for this?

Since January 2016 I am based in Lisboa, Portugal. The crisis in Venezuela made me leave my country and yes also my previous life and commodities, and by coming to Europe a whole new life started and this has been so far the biggest lesson in my life, starting all over again! Because of this particular circumstance at the moment all my incomes (from a regular paid job) are mainly destinated to cover the regular expenses while I manage to get totally settled this is why I need a little help to cover the fees and travel expenses for these workshops. 

But I truly believe when pursuing your dreams and your mission in life the right doors will open for us to achieve our goals and manifesting the life we want to live.

What are you receiving for becoming my Patreon?

I will create an amazingly unique and original painting of you or someone you love!

This art piece will be free shipped directly to your address and includes an Authenticity Certificate signed by me!

The size and technique will be defined by the type of Tier you choose to take, just chek my Tiers Now and choose yours! Your painting is just waiting for you... 

So, this is a little of my story, please feel welcome in this virtual studio space and do get in contact if you feel like it!

Best always
Franca Franchi
$0 of $750 per month
My main goal is to use these funds to attend to amazing art workshops around Europe at least once at a month or every 2 months during 2019 to keep on learning and improving my painting skills in order to make my artwork more valuable and beautiful to the viewer's eyes!

So when you become my Patreon you're also becoming in a way a mentor to me and one of the most important persons and inspirations during this period. 

Your contribution will be used to pay for the workshop fee and my traveling expenses.

I will send you an original drawing or painting according to your tier using the new things I'd learn in the latest workshop I'd attend.

These are the upcoming workshops I want to attend:

If I get enough Patreons on time I would love to attend this one next month is Paris:

and this one in May:

So this is my main goal here!! Be able to keep on studying to become a better artist every time I get to attend a new workshop during 2019!

Thanks a lot for reading and for being part of my goals and dreams!
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