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Curious Minds
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You guys wanna know what's gonna happen next in a story? The Curious Minds will get a sneak peek at the first half of a chapter before it's uploaded. +Shout out 
Nosy Ones
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You really want to know what's going on, don't you? Well then you Nosy Ones will get to see the first draft of the next chapter, but no promises there won't be changes~
Future Vision
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All the previous rewards + Want to know what I have planned in the future? Get your Future Vision on with a first draft of a chapter of an unpublished story I'm working on. And I have tons of them, some fanfics, some original. Who knows what you're gonna get? 



About Maddie

Hey guys. It's Maddie, or MJ'sAngel if you know me from So, I've been writing stories since I was fourteen and I think a lot who are familiar with my work will agree that it's become less cringey over the years with my stories. So, as I get better, I hope to produce more stories for you guys and, hopefully soon, show some of my own original non-fanfiction stories. You guys have been showing me support all this time and I can't thank you enough for that and I hope you continue to support me here.

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