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Tipper Club
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★ No benefits at this tier, but I appreciate your support!

Sketch Club
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★ Access to exclusive sketches and progress pics for the sticker and postcard designs!

★ Listen to a mini podcast each month where I discuss the theme and what it means to me! 

Sticker Club
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★ All the benefits of the Sketch Club! 

★ One 4x6 sticker sheet every month in the mail!

★ Vote on each month's theme!

★ Ability to order previous stickers! 




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About Maddie



Hello! My name is Maddie and I'm an independent artist based in the United States.

This Patreon helps support my artwork, while offering cool benefits and goods to my supporters! Each month patrons vote on a theme, cycling through video games, cartoons, and anime. I then create stickers and a print based on the theme, which you can receive each month!

Please note that the payment cycle is on the 1st of every month, so in order to get that month's physical rewards, you must be a patron before the charge goes through. If you happen to miss the payment cycle but still were wanting that month's goodies, please send me a message and we can work something out!


  • no rewards, but I appreciate the support!

  • access to exclusive sketches, progress pics, and videos of my art process each month
  • a mini podcast each month about the chosen theme

  • all $3 rewards
  • a 4"x6" sticker sheet every month in the mail
  • vote on the theme each month
  • ability to order previous sticker sheets*

  • all $6 rewards
  • a 4"x6" postcard print every month in the mail
  • ability to order previous postcard prints*

  • all $10 rewards
  • a custom 3"x5" doodle every month in the mail

* subject to availability

★ FAQ ★

Q: When can I expect to receive my goods?

A: I so my best to ship out items around the 20th of every month. I make a post whenever I send out the goods and US patrons can expect their goods within a week, while international patrons can expect theirs within two weeks.

Q: How are themes chosen?
A: Each month cycles between video games, cartoons, and anime. I put up three choices in a poll, and patrons at the $6 and up level get to vote! Usually I choose from themes that I am interested in, but I am always open for suggestions!

Q: How can I order previous/extra stickers/prints?
A: Patrons at the $6 level can order any previous stickers, while patrons at the $10 level can order any previous stickers or prints. Please note that this is subject to availability; so check the list below to see if I still have the item in stock. If it is, all you need to do is send me a message letting me know what you would like, and then PayPal me $5 per sticker sheet and $4 per postcard print. They will be shipped along with the following month's order!

Available Back Stock:
  • Link's Awakening Stickers
  • Link's Awakening Print
  • OK K.O. Stickers
  • OK K.O. Print

Q: What if my goods don't arrive/arrived damaged?
A: Please contact me if you have not received any of your goods or if any of them receive substantial damage. I will gladly replace them.

Q: I am a $15 patron. How do I request my doodle? What are the guidelines?
A: I send out a message via Patreon near the beginning of every month asking for your request. You can request pretty much *anything* as long as it's not inappropriate and doesn't contain more than 2-3 characters.

If you have any questions at any time, feel free to message me on here or at my twitter: @othatsraspberry!
$735 of $1,000 per month
When I reach $1000 per month, I will send out a bonus item voted on by patrons!
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