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Hello! My name is Imani, I am a Multimedia specialist, Fine Artist, and comic book creator living in Texas. I am self-taught and work in both digital and traditional media. I have an artistic eye and like to use my God-given ability to use a pencil, paintbrush, or camera to create a piece of art. I work on varies different projects for business and for a hobby. My passion is creating beautifully detailed artwork on people, animals, usually in black and white since to me, it's more dramatic. As a young child, I would draw anything that caught my eyes, and I've been drawing ever since.

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If my art speaks to you, your patronage means I can focus and continue to create it. This is where I share my journey with you - This is where you can take a peek into my creative process - ideas, works in progress, sketches, inspirations, stories, processes, and other bits of my artistic journey.


I'm usually working on many things at a time, but my biggest project is my psychological thriller manga (comic/graphic novel) series, "Bleakville"

Suffering from insomnia, Young, anti-social doctor Mr.Bleak is a world-famous animal rescuer and an investigator from New York City, rescuing animals day and night. Fed up with the corrupted society that exploits innocent beings then misleads the public into buying products from them he gradually grows disconnected from reality as he becomes obsessed with the idea of everyone seeing the world through his eyes -- and saving all the abused animals.

I've been working on this for many years my goal is to finish volume 1 and have it in book stores. If you're a fan and want to help me with my journey, your support on Patreon, big or small, means the world to me and I'll be forever grateful.

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Thanks for reading I hope you enjoy my work! ♥

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