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Welcome to the club! Pull up a chair, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy the following: 

• A mismash booklet of sonnets, poetry, and designs — basically a "what happened this month". Not the full experience, but a sampling. Tapas, maybe! Now I want tapas. 

• Updates on promotional events as they come as well as a monthly newsletter outlining the month's work and upcoming projects! 

• Access to polls to vote on upcoming projects! 

• My love and affection?

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All previous rewards, plus: 

• A monthly chapbook of at least 5 sonnets!

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All previous rewards, plus: 

• A monthly chapbook of at least 10 modern style poems!




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About Maddie Ardillo

Hey there! I'm Mads, a writer and designer, and I'm thrilled to bring my work to the Patreon community. I've been living it up over on Twitter, designing freelance alongside my graphics coordinating day job, and noodling on writing poetry, playing games, and creating videos of playing said games. 

So now, on Patreon, I'm hoping to bring a more cohesive set of work, and a more dynamic schedule for releasing that work. If that sounds good to you, I've tried to set up an array of reward tiers that'll at the very least keep you posted on what I'm doing. 

Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to the club!
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This covers my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, so as a thank you I'll do a random draw from among patrons and create one full resolution poster or book cover for the project of their choice!
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