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Friends are people who either wanna donate but don't have a ton of cash or or just wanted to give me a buck to support my work each month! They have the ability to give great hugs!
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Bros donate $5 to my work each month and for that and will be rewarded with a personalized thanks message from Maddie! They also have the ability to spit flames and I ain't talkin about raps!
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Hello everyone! My name is Maddie! I am a 19 year old full time college student who also works. Making these edits has been a learning experience as well as a form of stress relief. I enjoy every second I am able to create something, but recently times have been tough and it has been very hard for me to continue producing edits as I am usually working. The extra income (even a few dollars) would help immensely. I would be able to improve the quality of my work as well as being able to dedicate more time to editing. This is one reason why I made this Patreon! The other reason I made it was to get my name out there and have other people see my work and hopefully be able to get something out of it whether it be inspiration or enjoyment. Thank you so much for any support even if it's just giving me a like or two on Instagram! It means the world to me and I hope I can continue creating and exploring the world or editing! 
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I will start a Discord server where I will take requests!
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