is creating an Youtube Patreon to help get a new Computer Monitor
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You will always have my love and appreciation <3 .

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If you donate 20$ guys if anyone does I will just be mindblown, that would mean so much to me. You guys will get:

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About Madyyy

I just am a British Youtuber. I broke my Monitor recently and almost broke my phone so I am making this Patreon so I can somehow get them repaired, I have been really upset since I got a monitor for my birthday and the fact I broke it just completely ruined my mood. If anyone can help support me and stuff it would mean a lot, just having this monitor really helped me with eliminating background sound from my Youtube videos since my laptop was super loud
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I am trying to afford a new Computer Monitor. Since I broke my old one and that was why I set up this Patreon page ;((( . 
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