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Thanks for pledging! At this tier and all tiers above you will be entered into a monthly sketch draw, in which I will choose at random one donator to gift a sketch of any one character they want; OC, fanart, or official MB character.
(While these results will be randomised I will make every effort to ensure each donator in time receives a sketch of their own)
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Wahh thank you! At this tier you will receive regular updates with sketches, concept art, thumbnails, character notes, and any other little artistic tidbits I can pass along. You will also gain access to exclusive written content penned by my cowriter, Elliot. Here's an example of their work!
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Holy smokes! At this tier you will receive all reward tiers above, plus access to a private activity stream in which you can watch me work on my comic.




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About Jess Gazzard

Hey! Thanks for taking a look at my Patreon campaign!

What is Maggot Boy?
If you're here I'm gonna assume you already know, but just in case; Maggot Boy is an online dramedy webcomic set within a sprawling city left under quarantine behind huge walls post zombie apocalypse. The story revolves around Davey, aka resident wannabe superhero Maggot Boy - an undead blessed with the power of cognitive thought - his friend/sidekick Chainey, an undead of the same make, and a young necromancer by the name of Sam. 

Maggot Boy is a sequential ongoing story comic which has been around for years now. It's available for free online at the above URL, and will continue to be available for free - however I would like to try and mitigate some of the ongoing website costs. Hence, this campaign!

How often would I be paying?
This is a per-page campaign; the money would come out depending on how often I update. This is usually at a rate of around once a week, however my schedule is fairly erratic due to the hectic nature of my life. By funding MB, even if just at a rate of something like 25 cents a page, you'll be helping to push my drive to create in my spare time, ease the costs of running the website, and will also receive sketch updates, concept art, line art, scripts and other little developmental tidbits as the story progresses.

Is the site pay-only now?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! As I mentioned before, Maggot Boy is, always has been and always will be a free online comic! Donating to this campaign is completely optional, and you can opt out of donations at any point in time with no repercussions.
$67 of $100 per page
At this rate I will pull out all stops to ensure that Monday+Friday updates are locked down, every week!
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