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About Magic Club

Magic Club is for anyone who has a love of magic and wants to be a part of a worldwide community that shares this passion. Each week we bring you magic news, interviews, and special secret sessions for our Patreon supporters to learn magic and get insider tips from some top magicians in the industry.

Who are you guys anyway?
Andrew Mayne is a magician, novelist, magic creator and star of A&E’s Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne.

Jordan Gold is a LA-based magician, consultant and creative strategist who works both in the entertainment and corporate world.

How often will you be making content?
We are aiming for once a week. We love the idea of being a place for the magic community to keep up-to-date with what is going on. We also want to be a reliable source for entertainment and education around magic.

Can I cap my monthly contribution?
Yes! Patreon lets you limit the max you'll spend per month. We plan on doing one Secret Session per week – but if Jordan and I get amped up on Red Bull and invite a house full of magicians to start jamming a bunch of sessions, you won't get charged more than you agreed to.

What is the money going to?
Your contributions will help us:
  • Upgrade the technical quality of our production (equipment, editors, closed-captioning, etc.)
  • Devoting more of our time (and our guests’ time) to bringing you the best possible content
  • Helping us connect our wonderful magic community to each other
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