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For $30 per month, I will send you a live stream of video every month from shows at Ursa Minor, Tom Waits For No Man practices, or Magic Eye Tube recording sessions.
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About Shaun Chapman

I am a part of the greater Denver, CO DIY music and art culture. Here is what I do:

Help run DIY music venue Ursa Minor.
Operate music rehearsal and art spaces for local artists.
Co-operate a recording studio called Magic Eye Tube.
Play guitar and sing in experimental psych band Tom Waits For No Man.
Run sound for two venues in Denver.
Book shows.
Produce music and sound art anywhere from ambient/experimental to rock.

Not all these things bring in money for me, so I tend to work most of the time. With help, I can work less and focus on art and building community in Denver.

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When I reach $500 per month, I will record one Denver-area band or musician's ep or demo for free, every month.
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