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The Ancient Book of Magic Secrets Patreon page
is up and running / this is all about join the club / 
the membership drive / it's all about the new economy paying for products and services that we believe in because they enhance our lives / it's about sharing our creativity / it's about this book i'm writing

how did humans become human ?? we used to be monkeys / couldn't talk not enough to tell a story / couldn't build anything not like now / didn't have a sense of humor or mortality / god as far as we know was the next banana or having sex or maybe the sunrise but somehow we became human / we're not monkeys anymore / any monkey can tell you that / and beyond that it's about storytelling - our true gift to the world - as well as many other things / what it's about is still evolving and morphing like any good creative expression should and can / i will attempt to share it with you on this blog and on the optional 'discourse' group / the blog is comment enabled so we can talk to each other / 'discourse' is an app that integrates with Patreon and provides a more robust format for conversation questions and answers and jokes   

join up as a 'follower' (no commitment involved) by clicking the ''Become a patron' button or become an actual patron by making a monthly contribution / i invite you to share this journey with me / there will be lots of discoveries and epiphanies along the way (like any epic journey) and they no doubt will be delightful compelling intriguing / just as are the mysteries of being human

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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