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MagicVagabonds is made up of Sibyl Wolf & Rod Cannon.

Sibyl Wolf is a New Orleans based artist, photographer and entertainer with a majority of my work accentuating New Orleans themes. My artwork is a mix of anthropomorphic, shapeshifters, fantasy, wolves, fantasy creatures, sci-fi creatures. Currently I am most known for my Alice In Wonderland Inspired Drink me Bottles. My paintings inspire a child like wonder and whimsy as well as some being slightly on the dark side. 

Rod Cannon
is the other half of MagicVagabonds. Rod Cannon is a talented magician based in New Orleans, LA. Rod has been performing the art of magic professionally for over 30 years. As a teen Rod was one of the premier junior members of the Academy of Magical Arts also known as the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, CA. 

What the heck is The Rougarou Bus?!

The Rougarou Bus is a 1989 Blue Bird Mini Bus that Rod and Sibyl are converting into a tiny house RV to travel the country in. Some of your donations will gain you access to some of process and exclusive you tube video content of our build, our travels and some of the frustrations that come with living in a school bus. 

Why did we name it the Rougarou Bus? We wanted to name it something that was distinctly unique and correlated closely with New Orleans(Because we are absolutely in love NOLA). Rougarou refers to a legendary creature similar to that of a werewolf. And this legend is predominate in Cajun Folklore. 

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