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15th of each month ill pick one random person to make animated cartoony version of his/her face (check my #whatsthatchar posts on instagram)


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  • Patrons-only feed about upcoming videos.   
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  • Early video access. 
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all previous rewards + your name/logo will appear on the video as Easter egg somewhere in the same way as i'm usually hiding mine :)




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About maginpanic

Hey! I'm Maginpanic!

I love creating and drawn effects, and its a good place to have them!
Besides special effects Im creating creative lyric videos... Check them here:

Billie Eilish Bury a friend - 1.2M views
Billie Eilish Copycat - 1.2M views
Pewdiepie Lasagna - 157K views
Ksi - On point - 5K views
Steven universe Theme - 5K views
Ed Sheeran J Bieber I dont care cover - 2K views
Ed Sheeran J Bieber I dont care Original - 5K views

Thank you,
$20 of $500 per month
I wish my social media activity and teaching will be the actual sustainable work. $500 is a HUGE step into that direction!
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