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is creating an information group centered around Mentalism
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Mind Alchemy Group Introduction (MAGI)
per month
Introduction to Mind Science. This tier is an Initial exploration of Mentalism, the precursor to the law of attraction. 

Mind Alchemy Group Innovators (MAGI 2)
per month
We explore audio books, Youtube lectures by 

scientists. We'll also read and discuss various foundation materials on MIND, Metaphysics, quantum physics, and the 7 hermetic principles. 

Mind Alchemy Group Investigators (MAGI3)
per month
My supporters at this level will enjoy prerecorded answers to questions asked by those in the Mind Alchemy Group Indigo (MAGI 4). 

We'll start off digging into transcendental questions such as: 

What is mentalism…

What is MIND…

How do you use MIND….

You'll also have access to pre-recorded books & video analysis along with everything in tier 1&2. 



About MAGI with Papi

Mind Alchemy Group Institution (MAGI) with Papi will have you exploring the world of Mentalism.
To explore the world of Mentalism is to explore you, ….. the world all around you...the world running through you…. Orchestrating you and all that you see around you at one of its core positionings...MIND! The first book on this informational Journey we will be observing is the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes. We will listen to fractional increments of the book, pausing to discuss, expound upon, elaborate, clarify, give examples & just talk about the information bit by bit. Powerful information study group centered around a powerful, empowering life transforming subject. The first law in the seven hermetic principles. The law that under girds & precedes the law of attraction. Mentalism... MIND.

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