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Salvete plurimum! My name is Jessie Craft, and I am the owner of Magister Craft was born out of a desperate need to provide students and all beginning Latin learners with compelling and level appropriate Latin. I, among so many others, have come to embrace Latin as a living language and wish to aid any and all in their journey to learn it. 

I have come to Patreon now for some assistance. I wish to improve and expand Magister Craft to include more resources for Latin learners. Besides making videos in Minecraft, I wish to move into educational blog posts, podcasting, hosting guest content-creators and scholars, producing Novice - Intermediate leveled Latin readers, etc. For teachers, I aim to provide you with ready made lesson plans and supplemental materials--things you could simply gather from my site and immediately deliver in your class room with almost zero prep on your part.

Since December of 2016, I have been financing and running Magister Craft on my own in the midst of a demanding life/work schedule as a high school Latin teacher, husband, and father. Producing quality content requires money, research, professional development, and time. A little assistance would lighten my load allowing me to purchase a mic, headphones, better software, more professional development, and ultimately to grow and improve. 

Curate ut valeatis,

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This first goal will go towards covering the basic expenses of maintaining the website, domain name, server, and buying a professional mic (the mic on my cell phone is not quite the quality you deserve!).
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