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Hi, I'm really happy that you visited my patreon. :)

Warhammer 40k is my passion and i make cosplays and custom armors from that universe. My biggest dream is to make cosplays of all Primarchs and any support from you will be very helpful. I try to earn money only through making cosplays for my customers but it is really hard in my country :( If you like my work and want to see the Primarchs armors ready, send some support and i will do my best to reward you. If you want to order something or just see me doing this feel free to write to me :)

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Hi, it is avesome that you decide to support me. For only 1$ you will be part of the patreon and get access to patron-only content. 

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Great to have you. Emperor need every man to fight for the case of protect the humankind. You are the Hammer of the Emperor and part of something bigger. Thanks to you I can create more avesome warhammer 40k cosplays for the glory of Emperor. You can see patron-only content and early access. Imperial Guards is always first to react
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People to look up to. Best of the best. without you everything is falling apart and people lose their hope. All previous rewards are yours plus you can vote in surveys. Comissar order's must be done.
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When I reach 500$ per month, I'll start making lottery. Every month one person will be drawn and the lucky one will receive some warhammer 40k weapon like chainsword or bolter!
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