Ali Can Meydan

is creating illustration, animation, 3d art, game development.

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Hi friends, I am a freelancer illustrator and animator and a game developer from Turkey. I am 37 years old, married and have 2 cats. My creations are mostly dependent on sufism, mythology, religion, mysticism, esotericism.

Recently I am working on a game project called "Uruz". I spent more than 2 years for this project... Its a pixel art - metroidvanian style Pc game, dependent on central Asian Turkish Culture... Its the first part of a long serie. I am wishing to finish this project as soon as possible with your help... I am trying to finish this project with my own sources but at the end I think I am finished... Your donations will help to continue my work...

My art is used in many mediums in Turkey without my permission... Such as book covers, album covers, posters etc... My works become anonymous and I cant control them anymore... I cant earn any money from them... This is also another sad situation for me... You can see my art is mostly based on mythologies, religions, mystics, folk tales... Your support will help this tradition survive... Like in old times, when generous people support those kind of artist to supoort their culture alive...

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Those below are examples of my animated shorts awared and screened of many festivals.

Alageyik Efsanesi (Legend of the Red Deer-Turkish/ Anatolian folk legend) from ali can meydan on Vimeo.

uqus from ali can meydan on Vimeo.

sahmaran sır from ali can meydan on Vimeo.
"uzak" dogu ("far" east) 2005 from ali can meydan on Vimeo.

this the facebook link of my game project you can follow for details...

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