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About Maymay

Hello ! thank you for having a look at my patreon ♥ 

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Who am I ? 

Nice to meet you ,  My name is May. I'm from Thailand but I lives in the Netherlands.
I live here because I study here, I'm still a high schooler. I have a part time job in a restaurant.
My dream is having a house full of pets !! Corgi's, Chow Chow and more !! ♥ 

Why patreon? 

I want to buy food ! no no jk jk :^) 
I love to cosplay, I love the feeling of it. It's like you can forget about yourself for once ! and be the another character. It's pretty hard to support such a expensive hobby while being a student. Patreon is where you can help supporting content creators. 

i appreciate your kindness for having a look at my patreon, it's not necessary to join ofcouse !
I want to thank you for supporting me and I hope to deliver bigger and better projects and also more contents as rewards like : photo's, fansign, prints, polaroids, gifts and maybe even photobooks and posters ! 

I really really appreciate any support that you give !! It means a tons for me, thank you so much ♥

** If you want rewards from previous month (previous cosplays) please message me !**

○ Feed 
Exclusive selfies, photo's and video or gif that won't be posted anywhere els.
○ Fansign 
fashion, casual and cosplay fansign monthly 
○ Prints and Polaroid
Prints will be 10 cm - 20 cm and polaroid are 6x9 
○ Greeating cards 
February : Valentine
April : Easter
October : Halloween
December : Christmas 
And birthdays if you want me to ! ( please tell me the date ) 
○ Small gifts 
surprise small gift, it can be charms, souvenir or small plush or anything els
○ Choosing cosplays 
if you guys want to we can polls and help me choose my next cosplay monthl

Where does the money goes ?  

all of the money you pledge goes to my future cosplays, convention and traveling overseas convention. I enjoy learning new things and hoping to get better in it.

Thank you for your time and I will still upload some content on my Instagram and Facebook, If you do support all the funds will helps me create a better and bigger projects for you to enjoy ♥

13% complete
I'll start with a small goal 
Buying new cosplay each months ! 
I want to practice more and getting better at cosplaying ♥ 
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