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- My forever gratitude! A dollar, with enough people, goes such a long way to feeling financially independent as an artist. Thank you! 

- Your name in my videos! Whether you want your full name or your Instagram username, this will show everyone what you help to  make. I hope I make you proud!  

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- MP3 downloads of ALL the music I made this month! EVERY. SINGLE. SONG. YOURS.  Yes, that includes EVERYTHING I make in a month, which can range from:

1. original demos/songs

2. songs from my "how to write a song like..." serieis

3. background music for your own videos

4. medleys

5. anything else I can think of! 

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- An episode topic of your choice!  If you have a topic you're DYING for me to cover and want to make sure it happens (hey, I mean the 60s & 70s had  A LOT happen, you know??), this one's for you!

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(PLEASE NOTE: Babe pick episodes are typically scheduled out a couple of months in advance. Sorry for the long wait!  I love you! Just email me with your selection when you're ready!  [email protected] 




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About Maiga Vidal

Welcome to my Patreon page y'all! 

Thank you for clicking through and thinking of wanting to help me make videos! Every little bit helps and as a one woman operation, your contributions really do go a long way. <3

As an artist who is heavily influenced by all things 60s & 70s, being able to make these videos of both my own original work, covers, cultural deep dives, lookbooks, etc. is not only an exercise is finding my own voice as an artist, but also an amazing opportunity for me to share everything I love about these eras with you. 

I am one woman team making all of these videos possible, from the research, to the writing, to the editing & mixing of all the music & video - it's just me. It's a lot of work for one person to do but I love it! However, I currently don't make very much money working on this and my ultimate dream would be to be able to dedicate myself full time to making music & videos for you. This is not a simple hobby for me - this is my biggest passion. 

If I can share a secret with you, my biggest dream is to one day be taken seriously as a musician, to be good enough to be included with the greats that I revere and study on this channel. I don't know if that will ever be possible, but at the very least, I hope my YouTube channel can serve as a testament to this dream. I guess we shall see. 

Well, if you're still here, thank you for reading this far! I hope you will stick around and find a tier that you like (and can afford!) and help me. If not, thank you so much for reading up to here anyway and I hope my videos bring you as much joy as I get making them. 

Your local retro singer-songwriter,
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A full blown TWO weeks dedicated to the Beatles, circa 1967.
This will include FOUR videos:
1. songwriting & music deep dive into Sgt. Pepper
2. lookbook inspired by Sgt. Pepper's style 
3. songwriting & music deep dive into Magical Mystery Tour AND  
4. lookbook inspired by MMT

This is going to take A LOT of time and effort cause I want to make them right and 25 of you contributing would def help buy the supplies I need. 
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