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thanks for stopping by here.

Maybe you have seen my comics somewhere: maybe in your friendly neighbourhood zine shop, maybe at an underground art festival, maybe in your mom’s bathroom. Something made you curious enough to click on this link and now you’re here.

Let’s just enjoy this awkward moment passing by…

…so in the past years I have done zines and prints. Sometimes I do illustration work, but not often enough. So, yeah, if you just like my past work and would like to donate, that’d awesome. I’ll post some old stuff and some material here, and I’m trying to do it every other week, after I got into the groove of things.

But there's also something bigger on the way, for which I'll definitely need your help with:

[please pause here to feel the anticipation]

So, I recently got an assignment to write and draw a comic about Emma Goldman. It's for a German publisher and will come out late 2020. If you don't know Emma Goldman, read this article on Teen Vogue:
This is all very exciting for me and I think it'll be a great book. It'll be an introduction into her life, the late 19th century anarchist movement, but it will also shine a light on topics that most people are probably not too familiar with - unless you're history nerd, but even then you'll get at least a nice picture book that you can give to your family, friends or random strangers.
To do this book, I will need your support. There's the basic expenses, like food, rent and health insurance, but also getting books, travel for research, materials, etc. Since this I don't have that much time to work on this (like only 12 months), I'll need to work on this book more or less full time. My first goal is to hit 1000$ per month, so I can cover my basics. If you can help me to do this project, either by donating, spreading the word, etc., it would mean so much to me.

What I'll do on this site, is posting occasional updates and side projects like comics and zines. For now, I'll give it a try and keep all posts public. I don't really like the paywall concept and prefer to rely on mutual aid to not exclude anybody from accessing my fabulous comics and drawings (and please read this with an ironical intonation).

Anyways, I'll post some more updates soon and feel free to follow me on instagram @maikbanks

Take Care,

$9 of $1,000 per month
With 1000$ I will cover my basic expenses for living and working on this project
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