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My name is Maikol, and I am a Toronto based conceptual artist, who creates work in illustration, comic, and film! For those of you who love science fiction, urban scenes, and abstract landscapes, I think you will find some of what I produce interesting to you!

In the past 3 years or so, I have reconnected with my passion for illustration and comic arts. As I continued drawing, redeveloping my style and finding my direction, I started getting lots of positive feedback from people from all walks of life. Friends whom I've known for years, and strangers who would glance at my work. A small social victory perhaps, but one that has led me to the conclusion that I want to start sharing my body of work beyond a digital space.

I never tend to boast about my drawings, as I know I am no where near as technically good as many incredible artists out there in the world, but I do like to share with people the details about my process. I'd say about 95% of my drawings, and more so today, are all straight to pen, with seldom any kind of planning and never any use of pencils to lay down the foundations. I have found that this kind of improvisational way of drawing gets the best out of me, even if I make mistakes here and there. But it this form of improvising where I find the artwork even speaks to me.  When I'm doing slightly more complex narrative comic work, then I'll plan a small thumbnail, as we all do. But when it comes to the final inks, it's all straight to pen, from the first to the last marks on the page. That is something I found vital to how I have shaped my style.

My goal here is to amass the funds to continuously publish my collected art books and narrative comics in book forms. Where I can, I will publish as much of my work as possible through risograph printing which is quite a pricey process to undertake when doing it by oneself. 
My intent is to continue to create illustration and narrative work, so that I am able to print on a monthly, or bi-monthly basis depending on the project.

And what's in it for you my patrons? Along with supporting an artist such as myself working in a timeless medium, and contributing to me achieving my goals, I will be able also create exclusive prints of my illustrations, which will be sent out to those patrons that support certain tiers.
I will also be creating more timelapse videos ( with originally created synthy music for those who care ), for those patrons who are enjoy seeing artwork come to life.

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A smaller goal to start. To print off approximately 50 copies of a 5 page risographed comic book. Based on work that I did during Inktober, and with a recently acquired used ipad, I set out to do this series to learn more about the program and to get a nice project out of it.
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