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About Antonio Van Maiorano

 My name is Van Maiorano, and I consider myself a cartoonified geek. I take most of my inspiration for animated movies such as The Road to El Dorado, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Treasure Planet, and others. My style is derided from the Disney Renaissance era of films and cartoon shows as well as the movie Lillo and stitch. I also take story based inspiration form films such as Reservoir dogs, Mad Max Fury Road, Terminator 2, Alien, The Thing,  Evil Dead, Hot Fuzz, Wake in Fright, Joe, First blood, and others. I am currently on a quest to bring traditional animation back  into the mainstream with the new caveat being that it would be grittier, gear towards a different demographic. I am also currently in pre-production for my  own personal graphic novel as well as currently finishing up my degree at Woodbury University.

By supporting me, you give me the opportunity to expand my talents so I can  accomplish the aforementioned goals regarding traditional animation.

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