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MAJOR RECS: Making alternative music, video and album art. Im Steve Fishman, artist, musician, writer. I self-produce in-house projects under the Major banner  (ft guests from Blondie, Stranglers, The Emotions, Unkle, Antipop Consortium, Black Grape, Iggy Pop band) 
HISTORY: Ive been a session bassist my entire life. Credits: Paul McCartney, Blondie, FKA Twigs, James Chance, Chrome, OK Go, Black Mountain and erstwhile Ramones, Sex Pistols, Stranglers, Damned and Attractions ... Now I'm branching out as Artist, Producer, Writer and Label 
ECLECTIC ECCENTRIC: Ive worked in altv rock, punk, post, punk-funk, glam, funk, hip hop, trip hop, psychedelic, disco, dub, dance-punk, punk-jazz, mod-comp, IBM-EDM, noise rock, post rock, rockabilly, reggae, art-prog, ska, classic rock, pop, industrial and a few more subgenres.       
THE STORY: Major Recs is the vehicle for expression as different projects in different styles and scenes. Labels like Stiff, Warp, Mute, Beggars, Factory, DFA  are role models. 
THE PLAN: We're dropping dozens of records and projects over 2019-20, so tons of music, art, video and stuff to work on. The idea is that consistent action organically builds profile, interest, momentum and tribe in the niches we inhabit. We're starting from the ground up and we're also gestating a cool collective for creators and lovers of the arts. 
REVIEWS: “Bubbling Up From the Underground ranks as the years shiniest tucked-away gem… Marvelous!”. Dave Cantrell - Stereo embers magazine
"The music floored me! How could these classic manifestations of glam and proto-punk have escaped my notice? Bubbling Up blasts effervescence from first to last. A glorious surprise."    Greg Burk - Metal Jazz
"The album is late 70s punk. Sometimes there’s a hint of funk, sometimes it’s hard rock, but this is music that would make The Clash and the Sex Pistols proud." Rating: BAD-ASS!                          R Brian Roser - That Music Mag
"TRASHBEAT has served in the trenches and tasted the glory of rock & roll".  Classic alternative, punky, poppy, glammy, art-school rock... 
GEARFAB is art-rock, post-punk, dance-punk, IBM, industrial, electronic, noise rock. Dissonance and consonance... but never nonsonance. 
THE SHADES  Shawn Lee and moi. Art-funk, hiphop, dance punk ft Tim Buckley, Burroughs. Spun by Coldcut, James Lavelle and on Tom Middleton's "best of" (w/ James Brown, Tom Tom Club, etc) comp.  Yello, Material, Dr Dre and P-Funk walk into a brightly lit bar. They put on some Shades
INTERGALACTIC ENSEMBLE  mod-comp, avant, noise-rock, diso-disco, no wave, musique concrete, electronica, noise, free improv, multimedia hybrids... Hey Disney, call me! 
THE TRACKS: were recorded at Aladdins Cave London and LA with basically no budget.               
YOUR SUPPORT: Like many, I do outside work (sessions, tours, etc) that take time and energy. Your patronage will allow more to be spent on Major's music, increase output, production value, visibility and fab collabs. Your support will turn Major into a well oiled music-art machine. We can outsource tasks, hire PR, the odd engineer and other services to boost us skyward. The timing is perfect. Ive just left a legendary but notoriously difficult  band and Im hungry for it. So lets do this!! 

REWARDS: Join us in creating music with heart, brains and balls. You'll receive our official product and collective only goodies, alternate versions, limited runs, video, art, merch, plus access to special events, shows, parties, discussions, plus get other fun stuff like pancakes, a bass, custom mixtape. Maybe exec produce, guest on tracks, get custom songs and stock options, etc. Its open to suggestions as Im a crowdfund, SM virgin, so please be gentle. Ride with us as we take this sharp-ass learning curve, multitasking like a juggling octopus. Please support non-corporate music and the arts. Long may they and you live. Thank you!  P&L!!

Steve F (Trashbeat, GearFab, The Shades, ISE) XX
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