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What's Snappening Patrons?

Thanks for taking the time to check out our Patreon site and if you're a listener of The Make it Snappy Productivity Show, I'm so incredibly grateful to you!  If you’ve been listening to the podcast you’ve probably noticed we recently switched our format and added a lot higher-quality narrative program with music, sound bytes, and a ton of preparation time.

This has increased both the cost and time it takes to produce episodes consistently. We want to sustain these high-quality episodes for you, but we need your help.

Switching the format to storytelling has been an experiment to both challenge and push me out of my comfort zone, and hold me accountable to building a successful business.

The show in it’s current form is new, it’s growing and we’re still in the process of figuring out how it will all look in the end, and I want to figure it out with you, my community of amazing listeners!

But good ideas take funding, funding that we don’t exactly have right now… So if you enjoy the show we hope you’ll contribute.

It can be as little as a quarter per episode or $1 per month. If you’re absolutely in love with the show and you want to contribute more then we’re game! The goal is for Make it Snappy to be the highlight of your week!

We’ll have some really cool perks for you if you do contribute, like full-blown interviews where the public only hears snippets, behind-the-scenes conversations, and depending on your tier, t-shirts, guest spots and more!

We’re still figuring it all out, but it’s awesome having you along for the ride. Our Patreon site isn’t complete yet, but we're live and building out the different tiers and the perks you'll receive for being there for us!

So please click on the community tab and post your ideas for what you’d like to see as a Patron supporter. We’ll continue to build out the content of this Patreon site.

Our first goal is create 10 new Patrons. At this point we'll release the full-blown audio of all the interviews I conducted at Podfest Multimedia Expo to our Patreon supporters. Next, our goal is to hit $200 per month. This will cover the cost of production and promotion of the show. As soon as we hit our first $200, we’ll release our vault of Snappy Content for your ears to enjoy!  So stay snappy, stay #productiveonpurpose and thanks for stepping up!

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