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You'll get Early Access Make Stuff's new videos and short comics an entire week before they come out! Plus, you'll get to vote in any Patreon polls and get access to essay posts, like the weekly Making Progress update! Plus, you'll get access to our Making Stuff editing-process livestreams! Plus, I shall love you very much and forever!

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• Make Stuff Archive posts, giving in-depth breakdowns of the creation of different Make Stuff videos and comics – including handwritten notes, full scripts, references/inspirations, post-release statistics, and behind-the-scenes photos!

• And even more Dope Patreon Exclusives to come!

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About Make Stuff

Hey gals, guys, and otherwise! We're John and Haley, and we make stuff. Stuff like cool comics (Suffragettes, Specks, Neon Noir, Super Human). And other stuff, like the fun (arguably), educational (occasionally), inspirational (hopefully), and way-too-emotional (invariably) videos over on our Make Stuff YouTube channel.

This Patreon makes our Making of Stuff possible. From covering production costs, to paying our stupidly talented collaborators, to making sure we don't do annoying junk like starve to death. The more it grows, the more content we can make, and the fancier it all looks.

But this ain't no charity – Patrons get exclusive access to ALL THE DOPENESS. Like One-Week-Early Access to all of our new videos and comics, plus exclusive access to our weekly Making Progress updates, the Behind The Stuff weekly podcast, Annotated Editions of our comics, Commentary Editions of our videos, Making Stuff editing livestreams, and lots more! Double-plus, you can even get a Personalized Shoutout in our videos and comics :O

Welcome to the Make Stuff Family, you beautiful Stuff Maker!
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$1,000 a month will fully fund my SUPER DUPER TOP SECRET WEEKLY COMIC PROJECT! A new, free, online, and ongoing comic written by me, with art by a certain someone far more talented than me! We'll be releasing a new page of the comic every week – with all Patrons getting to see each page one whole week before everyone else!
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