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is creating How to Make Amazing Sushi - Cooking Videos
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For every creation you will get a high quality wall paper for your phone or desktop, these will be exclusive to patreon and not avaibale on other social media or in the video its self.
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You will recive access to MakeSushi's videos 24-48hours  before  they're made visible to the general public!



About Davy Devaux

Supporting the MakeSushi1 YouTube Channel and the associated Make Sushi recipe website.

Thank you for checking out my Patreon page and considering supporting my cooking videos, I highly appreciate you even considering to do so :D

I gave it a lot of thought on how I could give back to the fans that decide to do a very selfless thing and donate to help grow my cooking show.
What I came up with is giving you special VIP early access to view my videos at least 24-48 hours before the general public. 
I also will be posting special exclusive behind the scenes and other things here on patreon. 

Thank You so much for your continued support :)
-  Davy Devaux

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