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The warm glow of altruism envelops you like a glowing sleeping bag. You feel snug and safe.
Dan mentions you by name on the podcast and your heart skips a beat.
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Your chest swells with pride, you walk with a spring in your step and are prone to bursting into spontaneous joyful song.
Dan mentions you by name on the podcast with what sounds like genuine affection in his voice.
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Your presence in a room illuminates it. The piercing light of altruism burns around you like a suit of fiery armour. 
Dan mentions you by name on the podcast and I wouldn't be surprised if Hollywood rang to make a film of your life.




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About Dan Berry

Since 2012, I've recorded over a hundred and fifty interviews with different comics creators and podcasted them as Make It Then Tell Everybody. I talk to creators who I find interesting. As a creator myself, I am fascinated by the processes that other artists go through to achieve what they do, and how they build an audience for that work. I aim for these interviews to be entertaining and useful to other artists, whether it is by providing insight into a technique or simply knowing that other people share the same challenges in creating their work.

In April 2019 I quit my day job. Not an easy decision. I had been lecturing in comics at degree level since 2008 and it was time to move on. Long story. So now, I'm a freelance podcaster, cartoonist and pen manufacturer. Your support here means a great deal to me and my family. The money also goes towards paying my brother Simon Berry (who is a radio/podcast/comedy professional) to produce and edit the show, which is a big weight off my shoulders.
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Dan can pay his mortgage! His children can eat three meals a day!
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