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Hej Folks,

Yohanna and I have spent the last 4 years creating what has become a globally renowned example of small-scale regenerative agriculture. We've had a good deal of attention and support from people around the world as there are simply so few working profitable Permaculture farms around, and we've managed to do this in the challenging climate of Scandinavia. In fact, we're the northernmost Permaculture farm on the planet up at 59°N, and we've purchased and developed our farm on a shoestring budget. We've purchased and developed the farm with a budget similar to what the average person in Sweden spends on a house.

I wrote and published Making Small Farms Work, which has been sent out to 79 countries so far and received awesome reviews. We've dedicated our lives to both demonstrating and teaching others how to design their farms and businesses to be successful. Farming is a way of life. It's tough, and always has been, but it's an extremely rewarding pathway. We're dedicated to sharing our knowledge and expertise through our publications, training programs and with our growing fan base on Youtube. This is a link to the first video from our 4th season at the farm, the first of over 130 episodes from 2017.  The quality has improved throughout the season, but it is the content we are very much focused on!  As we begin 2018 we are working with Patreon so those who enjoy, benefit and learn from our content can support the development of the channel if they wish.

I'm hoping to put more time into sharing the 5th season and improve the quality and consistency of the material we publish.  If we reach our goals I will also be able to travel to other pioneering farms to broaden the benefit this channel can bring to people around the world.  Patrons will have access to all videos a week before the public, and I will only be answering questions in this space. 

What is a good pledge? Well, that's totally up to you.  If you value our channel, learn a bunch and want to get even more from it, you can decide what it's worth to you.  One way you could relate to it is $10/month is like 2 cups of coffee on the high street here.  If watching 12 videos a month is worth that to you, then we reckon that's a good amount.  If you're moved to donate more, that's awesome.  If that's too much for you, or you don't want to donate at all, that's awesome too!  We have set a goal of 200 Patrons to grow the channel. That's just 1% of our current subscribers, but that would be an awesome start.

If you feel like you really benefit from our channel, and want to reach out, there are other ways to reciprocate support through direct exchange;

Until the creation of money, the current economic system was based on direct exchanges.  We can also see that the difficulty is assessing the number of tomatoes equivalent to a chicken and the problems of a direct exchange of chickens and whales was probably the main drivers of the creation of money.  From the 3rd century BC, any action or object produced by human beings, fruit of the combined efforts of the highly developed telencephalon and the opposable thumb, as well as all living and nonliving things on and under the earth, tomatoes, fried eggs, chickens and whales, can be exchanged for money.  You know, in the end, a pledge here is going to be most practical.

Rest assured we will keep the focus on quality information, sharing knowledge and insight rather than fancy camera work and editing! Many of you express how you enjoy the down-to-earth, on-the-fly, rough-and-ready diary format. We do too. We promise we'll always keep it real.

Thank you so much and we look forward to sharing so much more from our farm!

Love Richard & Yohanna
Ridgedale Permaculture
23 of 200 patrons
Looking around on Youtube has made us so grateful for the quality of our subscribers.  Thank you for the consistency of thoughtful, sincere and respectful relating.  We know many of you genuinely wish to reciprocate for the time, knowledge and insight shared.  Really, thank you so much.  We've set a goal of 1% of our current subscribers to grow the channel in an epic way.  The 99% will have you to thank.  There is no pressure for anyone to ever feel like they should contribute.  This is a space for those that genuinely want to.  We're excited to see where we go with this together, and if we reach this goal it will certainly facilitate far more consistent and in-depth videos as we go along...
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts

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