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The tip jar tier!  For those of you who simply want to toss me a buck here and there.  You'll get access to some of the simple warm up doodles I do and input on monthly polls!  Thanks so much!


  • big gooey heartfelt thank you
  • photos of my weird little dog
  • some simple doodles
  • input on polls
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With this tier, you'll get to enjoy ALL of my monthly sketches, illustrations, studies, and doodles.  I don't share all of my work on public platforms but with this tier you'll be able to see all of my content at last.


  • access to all of my art, some of it Patreon exclusive
  • high-res monthly illustration
  • all previous rewards
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This tier is for those of you who are looking for a more technical breakdown of my work.  I'll include useful tips and guidelines alongside my sketches that explain what I'm learning and how I'm implementing it.  I'll share process images and eventually videos of my illustrations.


  • monthly sketches WITH notes, guidelines, and break downs
  • process videos and images
  • early access to all art
  • early access to any designs for sale
  • all previous rewards




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About Mac

Hey I'm Mac, an artist eking out an existence in the PNW.  I'm very interested in wildlife illustration and character design and would love to devote more time to that. I've set up this Patreon to help support that interest! Here are some of the projects I have planned:

Each month, I'll pick one or two subjects (animal, monster, dog breed, pokemon, original character, etc) and learn to draw them via studies and break downs.  I'll provide monthly how-to-draw tips and tricks as I learn and will have enough time to delve into the details. You'll end up with handy tutorials and simple breakdowns so you can learn along with me. At the end of each month, I'll create a polished illustration of whatever subject I focused on that month. Some of the rewards you will get for your support will include commission discounts, photos and videos of my really weird little dog, high res images, walkthroughs, etc. Any support from you towards this goal is immensely appreciated!  Thank you for your time!
$132 of $300 per creation
WOW!!  Patreon will be supporting a sizable chunk of my income.  I might be able to get....AN ENTIRE CAR
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