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About makkmarcci

Hello everyone, my name is Makkmarcci.

I am a game creator, I create video games all my free time to do what I love to do, and make people happy.
My plan is to make free games to mobile phones, with some extra stuffs for money, but no ads.
It's not easy just because I enjoy creating games though. Making money is part of that difficulty.

I have a full time job and my time is extremly limited. 

Anyway, if you donate I'll try to treat you as best I can, and you get to see lots of cool stuff before other people, and perhaps have access to things the general public will never see.

It would mean the world to me, so please help a content creator out.

Thank you!!

Current project: classic retro tower defense game: 
 - fight the battles across multiple galaxies
 - 1000+ levels 
- multiple galaxies
- heroes
- 20+ towers
- 3 enemy types (creature, kwargs, ships) 
- 1000+ uniqe enemy graphics
More details later

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