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Oh, is that dollar for me? Get access to all preview and wip content posted here


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Work out those brain muscles of yours by throwing image/poster ideas into the ring. I will occasionally select one or more and confer to make that idea a reality 

El Presidente

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Feeling frisky? Let's take things up a notch; here you'll be able to submit ideas for a short animation, standard length up to roughly 5 seconds. Once a month or so, I will bring that concept to life to the best of my abilities




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Howdy, welcome to my shack. I know it may not look like much, but just until you see it in motion. I'm an animator by trade, doing my best to hoof it in this tumultuous industry.

I would like to take this opportunity to be 100% honest with you all. I am not in a great place, mentally and emotionally. It's been a rough couple of years, and time as of late has been slim, so if you're not interested in being a part of that, see the paragraph below. I want you all to be aware of what you're getting into if you make the choice to support me. I may not be the best at communicating, and my productivity isn't top notch, but this is hopefully a way to push forward.

I wavered quite a bit whilst considering this particular venture, but, the way I see it, either you're in or you're not. If not, no hard feelings, money don't grow on trees, but if you deem me worth your hard earned dollars, I would like to make it worth your while, so consider yourself at the front of the line...well, more like being in your own line, Disney fastpass style.

Let's make some memes, ya'll

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