Tom Mallard, always learning.

is creating Zero emission, magnet powered & biological living system design.

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Ongoing design work:
Lunar mission research,, many design innovations, 3 papers accepted for's Congress this October.
1) Closing off Bering Strait to restore sea-ice locally with a dam.
2) Began the 3d-cad for a photo-bioreactor to grow algae from sewage effluent for biodiesel at home-farm-ranch scale.
3) Created a coastal land-development concept for tsunami areas that works for flood plains & storm surge areas with respect to sea-level rise.
4) Sketched new in-line belt-drive bicycle transmission for 126mm rear axle for wide-range gearing.
5) Finished new hovering propeller prototype next step metrics, efficiency :& qualities possibly allow human-powered helicopter able to do loops.
6) H.Herreshoff #625 Doris upgrade a long-time passion main idea simply cast a foil-shaped ballast, sail it more upright, change to rig fitting modern crews.
7) 3D-Printing high-efficiency wheel covers that turn any brand of wheel into a time-trial set for poor racers with one set of wheels the solar-thermal system making them cheap.
8) Coastal erosion:
a) Barge dredge-and-place to add land to eroding areas from the loss of sea-ice in the Arctic, cladded, to preserve villages thousands of years old.
b) New elements to use basically 5-pointed stars not groins or breakwaters for close-offshore placements allowing longshore transport yet reduce wave energy.
c) "Wave-eater" barges that break a swell offshore onto its deck and shoot the water out sideways at the stern to reduce wave-height.
9) Forest restoration: "Micro-terracing", a manual process by skilled workers to create mini-dams by raking rocks & soils for every tiny rivulet down hillsides after a canopy fire leaving no regrowth.

Previous work: Biodiesel from sewage effluent at home-farm-ranch or suburb, vertical-axis windmills, Inca-inspired terracing & dryland farming methods, hotboxes to grow food year-round in Alaska, insulate the outside of buildings, thermal-mass "batteries" anyone can build, very cool new ideas in many  venues.
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With work on many aspects of converting to a non-fossil economy the main focus is heat-transfer physics to watch that as the primary reason to adjust common design principles used today not aware of the thermal consequences of our living systems. This is how to cool the planet, not "energy efficiency" beyond that to energy net-zero.
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