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Welcome to what is essentially my own personal miniatures of the month club, A place where I can share the miniatures I sculpt for my personal collection with you!  If you're interested in collecting my miniatures as I make them without waiting for an official release, this is the place to be.

Initially I started hand sculpting miniatures as a means to fill a void in my collection, miniatures of a style that were either no longer in production or inaccessible to me.  It was with this motivation in mind that I set to the task of sculpting my very own miniatures with a package of polymer clay and some rudimentary sculpting tools.

Several years have passed since the day that i first picked up some clay with an ambition to create my own miniatures and my collection has grown substantially resulting in a range of 15mm and 32mm scale miniatures.  

I personally hand-cast my miniatures in a high quality Polyurethane Liquid Plastic Resin, that is durable and heat resistant.  My casting methods were put to the test though a Kickstarter campaign that I ran in 2019 where over the course of 3 months, I personally cast over 6000 miniatures.  That is a lot of plastic!  Since then my process has only improved with the addition of new equipment and the experiences gained.

My casting goal is to produce exceptionally high quality resin castings, accurate to my intended artistic vision of the miniatures I create.  Simply I want all the miniatures I make to be as nice as the ones that I'd want for my own collection. 

 A Special Thanks
To my most dedicated supporters, who are always asking me "when is it coming out?", "where can i get that miniature?".  Well this Patreon is specifically for you.   I can only make so much in a limited time, so I want to make sure that my miniatures get to the people who've been the most supportive first and foremost.  So thank-you for all your kind words, encouragement, dedication and support.  You've made the countless hours i spend hunched over a desk making tiny figures immensely more valuable.
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At $800 per month I can dedicate even more time to sculpting and casting miniatures without having to worry about how I'm going to keep the lights on.
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