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Minion of the Emipre!
  • Get the chance to have your name in any of my game series that have characters to rename (e.g. XCOM).
  • Have extra life if your character dies (sorry if it does but it happens).
  • Get immunity to nightbot (you can spam caps and post links etc... free from nightbot!) *Message me for me to sort it out for you!*
per month
Ranked Minion!
  • Get PC game help from me (as long as I know the game well enough to help you!)
  • Get added to my Steam friends list + able to watch my game in 1080p via steam broadcasting.
  • All previous rewards apply
per month
Minion Commander!
  • Get one to one tutorial help for games that I stream and play
  • Get computer tech help from me if you need it
  • Get added to my Skype friends list (message me in twitch for details).
  • Choose if you want to have moderator status in my twitch chat! (message me on twitch).
  • All previous rewards apply




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Hello there! I'm Malus Draco and I am a streamer of various games via twitch, I love what I do and its been my dream to have a job gaming and here I am! Newcomers to the stream are always welcome.

As well as gaming I love the interaction with the stream chat. That is the reason I started streaming in the first place, so come on and have a conversation with me and who knows how deep or wacky a conversation we could get into while having lots of fun playing games and expanding our minds with new ideas, jokes, sarcasm and weirdness sometimes but hey I'm Welsh so I'm allowed to be weird :P
$0 of $700 per month
With this amount each month i can have my bills paid so I can be a full time streamer as well as having the server running for you guys.
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