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About Mame

Who... are you?
Hello, I am Mame. I am the author of The Little Matcha Girl--- a fantasy webcomic about the adventures of the granchildren of an undead mafia boss--- which you can read on Webtoons.

Wait... No Tier rewards? *gasp*
You'll notice that while I do have tiers they aren't tied to rewards of any sort. If you love the comic and want to support it, then by all means, but don't feel obliged. I love all the support I get, monetary or otherwise. While even dollar a month is already super amazing, so does reading and sharing the comic!

Okay, but where does the money go?
Currently as a featured comic on Webtoon, this comic updates weekly. That's a lot of work as a solo creator. With your help, I could hire people to help me churn out the work faster; which means I get to have more than four hours of sleep lol.

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It helps burn the midnight oil

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