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                        I am Manas Patnaik and I love to teach. It's my passion and I want to take it to an all-together different level.  I strongly believe that if you are good at something, then its your responsibility, that, you make an impact into the lives of students. And that is one of the main reasons behind starting this channel ( which has become very popular among engineering students, and has gained more than 50000 subscribers. As far as my academic qualifications are concerned, I did my Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical & M.Tech in CAD-CAM/Robotics. And, in the next 5 to 10 years my mission is to develop all the content on Mechanical Engineering. I have already finished making videos on Engineering Drawing and Engineering Mechanics.                                                                                                                    If you love watching the stuff i create, then please consider giving me a dollar each month to help me bring you value.

Where your money goes?
The production cost of these videos is not astronomically high, but a lot of effort goes into researching stuff on web and books. Please don't become a patron if you're low on money - I know what that feels like - and please don't feel like you have to. I will carry on making free content whether you donate or not, they just might be a bit better and more frequent if you do. Please don't donate anything if you're strapped for cash and certainly don't feel obliged to support my work in this way. I am able to keep on making this content because of YOU guys. I choose the topics I do because YOU all ask for it.
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If we reach this goal I will be able to upgrade some equipment in the studio that will allow me to create MORE content QUICKER.
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