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Hello my name is Jessica, though most people know me as Mango.
Welcome to my Patreon!

This Patreon will have 18+ Material so PLEASE only pledge if you are 18 or older!

                                                       ⭐About The Artist

Art has always been a huge part of my life. Some of my biggest inspirations have been a mix of animals, anime and other cartoons that helped shape me into the artist I am today. I started drawing anthro art around 2015 and it has been such a huge part of my life ever since! Thanks to this wonderful fandom I've been able to make my life long dream come true and make a living off of my art! I get to travel the country going from convention to convention meeting so many people who enjoy my work. And honestly it's the most amazing feeling. I really can't describe it. I can't thank you all enough <3

                                           ⭐Favorite things to draw

Some of my favorite things to draw are bats, cats, birds, humans, and honestly any interesting species i don't see to often! I love getting to try new things! Character designing is my absolute favorite thing to do!

                                           ⭐Why make a Patreon?⭐

This is a way for anyone wanting to show long term support to do so! All money earned from my Patreon will help me with paying my day to day bills, this way I can spend more time on creating art and new merchandise for you! This will also give any supporters a guaranteed slot for whatever type of art they want each month! This will also be the ONLY place i post any NSFW content! 

                                                        ⭐Support Tiers

                                                      🍒Cherry on Top🍒

                                                           $2 per month!

I feel so special whenever people give whatever they can to support me. A big thank you from me to you! This tier will allow access to all Patreon exclusive content, as well as any cool merchandise i make for my patrons!

                                                        🍇Tasty Grape 🍇

                                                          $5 per month!

Not only will you have access to patron-only content, you will also get to vote in any polls, watch any speedpaints I post and gain access to all 18+ material 
Have something in mind that you've never seen me draw before? A theme for some adopts you would like to throw my way?
                                                    Give me your input!

You guys will help me decide on what I draw ranging from fun doodles all the way to what merch I make next!

                                                         Reward Tiers

                                                        🍌Banana Buddies🍌

                                                                 $25 per month!
You receive all of the rewards of Tasty Grape PLUS a headshot sketch every month! Ill request a ref and an expression to bring your characters to life in sketch form!

                                                           🍑Just Peachy🍑

                                                            $70 per month! 
Tasty Grape rewards, PLUS a full body sketch of your character OR a colored headshot every month! I will also have some of my own characters so choose from for those who want to see any of my cuties <3 Artistic freedom is always available as well if you just want me to surprise you.


                                                           🍈Honey Dudes🍈

$200 per month! ✨Wow, I cant express how much this helps me every month and your kindness! This tier will come with Tasty Grape rewards PLUS a full body colored image of your character, OR a sketch page if you want to see some variety! I will ask for,

- 3 words to describe your characters personality
- 3 things that they like or like to do and fill up a page!

More than one character can be included on the sketch page!

You will be charged when you sign up, and then on the 1st of each subsequent month!

                              ⭐Thank you so much for your support!⭐
87% complete
Help with small bills and groceries: This will help me cover groceries and some of my smaller bills each month!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 36 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 36 exclusive posts

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