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About JM Setlodi

Thank you for being part of the Manifest Big Family. Joining us means that you will be supporting us and getting first hand information regarding how to consciously create your reality 100%. A dollar will give you a guided manifesting audio exercise, make it five dollars and you will get an additional Law of Attraction video, reward us with $10 and we will throw in an extra 5 page eBook. For the more adventurous ones, $100 reward gets you your own manifesting exercise tailored with what you want to manifest in that particular month. In addition to all these, you will receive discounts on my current and future online courses

I'm a BLOGGER in the morning, AUTHOR in the day, youth SOCCER COACH in the afternoon, and online COURSE PROVIDER by night.


I have published 3 books on Amazon - How to Use Mind Power to Lose Weigh (and Stay Young), The Ultimate Guide to Manifesting (Everything you Want) and Believing is Seeing. You know what? The Ultimate Guide to Manifesting is translated into Chinese and sold on the Chinese Amazon and Douban. I also publish self-help and personal development articles for Business Expert Press. Add to that is my own Ultimate Guide to Manifesting online course on Udemy. 

All my exercises, meditations, videos and ebooks aim to help you fine-tune your vibration to your desired reality. 

I am devoted to providing the methods that will allow you to take advantage of greater options, to bring into your daily experience events and experiences that have so far remained "latent." In each individual case the options will be different, of course, yet you can draw into your present life some knowledge and intimate connection with your own probable realities.

On a conscious basis, then, you can learn to deepen the dimensions of your life by pulling into it the rich fabric of probabilities.

*****     LET US CREATE!!    *****
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