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is creating Loss of Control - weekly webcomic.
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About Manoela Wings

What is Loss of Control all about?

Since always I had a story in my mind and I was never able to actually go through with it. I've even tried to write it in a book format, but I believe that's not the way to go.

So, as a college final project, I decided to finally tell part of the story in a comic format and then Loss of Control was born. It was so much fun to work that way that I kept on going in a webcomic format and most recently, webtoons.

Maybe that could be a story that Thriller and Investigation fans will end up liking. The initial idea was supposed to be something more gore and psychlogical horror, but it ended up being more than that. This is a story about different levels of despair, suffering, traumas, violence and crimes in general. If you're a fan perhaps I can entertain you!

I do my best to bring a new page to my webcomic or a chapter in the webtoon at the right schedule, but it is very time consuming and I don't always succeed... It is something I would love to put all my time into but now almost all my energy is going elsewhere to make a living.

If you guys like the webtoon, I am going to translate the webcomic to English so everyone can enjoy it as well!

I just started gathering readers and the few feedbacks I had were really gratifying. I HUGELY appreciate every bit of support anyone gives me as well as the critics! That shows me I am in the right path.

And if you're a Portuguese speaking person, it'll always be available in our mother language too ;)
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