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For those who wish to see smaller devices used in our investigations. 

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Want us to use heavier made equipment to catch the paranormal? Then this tier is just right for you!

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The team at MPS would benefit most graciously from this tier. We may not be Ghost Adventures, but your contribution may lead us in that direction!




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Having started in the Fall of 2016, Jack Tobey went out in search of one goal: To search and prove the existence of the paranormal. Being an avid fan of the T.V. show Ghost Adventures, Jack gathered the equipment and the materials needed to successfully navigate and document paranormal phenomena. As the years went by, the group expanded, decreased, and has now started to peak the interests of fellow enthusiasts along Jack's side.
With dozens of recorded investigations in cemeteries around the town of Mansfield, PA, the group now aims to advance up by searching buildings, houses, and locations with heavier paranormal activity. Your donations, however small, help us bring you the greatest caliber of evidence. 
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When my team reaches $100 on Patreon, we will buy ourselves more advanced equipment to bring in more sufficient evidence.
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