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hi everybody!

my name is maple "mavica" syrup and i am the maintainer of Computer Fairies, a safe-space Mastodon instance, and the owner and admin of Lesbiaboard, a queer web 1.0-inspired forum. running the instance plus other services has a monthly cost of US$35 (Linode 4GB + Linode Object Storage for Computer Fairies, Linode 2GB for Lesbiaboard and other services).

on top of that, i make a lot of other cool stuff, such as music both in albums and loose tracks, work on plenty of different coding projects, including a component-minimal LED badge (video) and i used to make a weekly live webshow where i tackled games i've never heard of before.

i am currently employed, though since i'm from outside the US i make about the same amount as a US minimum wage. this patreon still serves to keep my systems up and running without worry, plus as a buffer to make sure i don't go without my HRT. any money left over after paying for those is sent to other patreons or friends in need.

thank you so much for reading this far and i hope you enjoy the things i do! if you would like to talk to me personally, feel free to contact me at the links on my webpage!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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