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About Maram Taibah

Music is hellfire
made into ropes
to coil into your ear
and burn a trail
into your heart
so that it will forever dance.

The School of Everything - A Novel


It's the 90's in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and the world is looking grim. One night, Fatima is found out breaking one of her aunt's cardinal rules: listening to Music under the covers with a rusty old walkman. She'd been told a hundred times before, no music allowed. So she is sent immediately to a strict boarding school on the edge of nowhere where nothing is allowed and anything could lead to severe punishment. It could even lead to THE OVEN, the most horrendous thing that lives in the bowels of the school, where your left hand is submitted to a merciless burning.

But someone is looking after Fatima. Ustaz Mustafa, a mysterious man from a far-off and dreamy version of Istanbul, speaks to her from the oddest of places, through walls, through her dreams, through the school's sewage pipes. He leads her to the fantastical multi-dimensional School of Everything, where all her questions become battles she must win, where she finally learns what she is sent to do.

Why I'm writing this:

About two years ago, I saw a vision of a man in a suit and a fez, arriving from Istanbul to help two children realize their truth. It has evolved a lot.

This story is an exploration of my own past, present and future. It's also a signature of my own spiritual journey. I have a penchant for the fantastical and for any man in a suit and a fez! I am also a champion of children because it is through their eyes that we experience wonder. Toota may be too young to be on a spiritual journey, but I believe we all are on a spiritual journey whether we realize it or not.

Why I'd like you to help:

Moral support is extremely important to writers as we mostly create our greatest work in isolation and, sometimes, loneliness. I often hit some tough spots along the way and knowing that there are readers motivates me to solve them  so that the "the show can go on".
I need your financial support to keep me fed and watered, as I left my job to write. I never gave writing my undivided attention before but I've been called to do it since I was in the sixth grade!
More of my work:
  • The Road to Elephants (A novella - in the process of online publishing)
  • The Weathernose (A novella - manuscript still being edited)
  • Lundon Entertainment (A novel - First draft)
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I left my job in order to dedicate all my time and energy to doing the thing that I love most and to bring to life a story that has been pushing through me for almost two years now. However, I do give away my time and energy working on freelance editing, design, or translation jobs, not to mentioned making food items and selling them in order to keep myself sustained, all of which are great distractions. It would help me achieve my goal of finishing this novel if I wasn't so drained so that I can take this novel that is desperate to be born to the next phase: editing. This will then bring me closer to having a complete manuscript that I can send to publishing houses or publish online.
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